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How to Fly and Stay For Cheap

The World of the Internet Travel Deal

There are tens of hundreds of websites that help travelers find deals on flights, hotels, cars, vacation packages, etc. When I first got into the game, I was super overwhelmed and confused. Why, for example, did I search on Kayak only to get results from 18 other browsers? It was enough to make me want to pull my hair out, so that’s why I created this short and sweet article–to lessen the confusion and aggravation. In this article, I offer three ways to find cheap flights and three ways to find cheap shelter. 

These are the best platforms I’ve found after years of traveling alone and traveling with limited funds. The added bonus? When you use these platforms, you won’t be redirected to other platforms! 

Finding Flight Deals

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Matrix ITA

Matrix Airfare Search is one of the best ways to determine cheapest flying dates and cheapest airports. Unlike Hopper, this software allows you to put in multiple cities/stops along your route. I also like the calendar view of prices that the Matrix offers.


I also mentioned this app on my How to Get Out of Town on a Budget page. Hopper shows you the cheapest flying days for the route of your choice.


As I mentioned on my How to Get Out of Town on a Budget page, Skipplagged is one of my favorite places to find, and book, flights! They legitimately find the best prices and often offer “Skiplagged deals” for certain flights.

Finding Lodging Deals


Hostels are the perfect option for traveling on a budget. Hostelworld is a site that finds you hostels almost anywhere in the world! An added perk: the site allows you to filter results based on your needs. I usually only stay in Hostels with a rating between 8-10. Dorm rooms will always be cheaper than privates, and don’t be afraid to stay in the Mixed Dorm! It’s always the cheapest and is generally never full. 


AirBnB is a great platform for finding inexpensive, yet comfortable, lodging. I recommend using AirBnB if you’re traveling with multiple people. Oftentimes, if a girlfriend and I are traveling together, we’ll get a private room in someone’s house and split the cost–hello savings! If traveling alone, booking a private room is always an option; however, that option can be more isolating than a hostel. 

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight is an app that find you last minute hotel deals in your chosen city. This app is great in case of emergency or if you turn up somewhere and need a quick place to stay. The app also allows you to book up to 7 days in advance. 


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