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British Columbia, Canada


My oh my how I LOVE Victoria. This city’s natural beauty is truly extraordinary. Everywhere you turn, you’re met with beautiful trees and flowers. Whether you climb to a high point or walk down to a beach, the clear, blue ocean water is always in sight. The parks and gardens are endless, and the food is fresh and delicious. In short, I’m in love. 

View from the top of Beacon Hill Park

To Do

  • Beacon Hill Park: this park is full of trees, flowers, ponds, and fat, laughing babies. Peacocks roam about like they own the place. Dogs attempt to chase ducks as their owners do their best to restrain them on mandatory leashes–it’s really quite magical.  The park is fairly large so plan on spending some time here. For a view of beautiful, snowcapped mountains, don’t miss the lookout point just on the other side of the park.
  • Royal BC Museum: perfect for a day inside, this museum is extensive in terms of BC history and geography. I personally enjoyed the portion of the museum dedicated to the First Nations.
  • Interactivity Game Board Cafe: if you like boardgames, and/or want a fun night out with friends, go there!
  • Open Mic Night: Canadians seem quite fascinated with open mic nights. It was never my thing until I went to one. Look one up, turn up, have a pint and you’ll find yourself  singing along quickly enough.

To Eat

  • 10 Acres Bistro: this restaurant takes farm to table to a whole new level. The restaurant brings in its produce and meats from its very own 10 acres farm. Pretty cool! The bistro is also incredibly charming and is featured in the picture above. 

  • Pink Bicycle: good lord almighty, this place had the most exceptional burger I’ve ever had. With tons of options, there is something for everyone. I have a feeling you can’t really make a bad decision on this one. 
  • Le Petit Saigon: I’ve never had Vietnamese curry until I lunched at Le Petit Saigon. Tucked away on a side street, this family run restaurants serves all the Vietnamese classics. Come to share or with an appetite–the portions are big!