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About Me

Where I'm From

Texas. Big, beautiful, wild Texas, where the people are friendly, the beer is cold, and everyone is a storyteller. This is where I’m from, and this is where my heart will always remain. 

In Texas, we are raised to be “straight shooters,” meaning, we learn to tell it like it is. Texans don’t have time to bull shit you. They tell you how they feel and what they think–we don’t beat around the bush. 

In Texas, we’re a little bit pushy, a little bit aggressive, a little bit in your face. We like to get things done, and if you’re not there to help us, then you better just get out of our way. 

In Texas, we’re really just a bunch of loud, vivacious cowboys. We love to drink and have a good time. We won’t apologize for who we are or what we do. We are fiercely proud and will defend our great state until the day we die.

In Texas, we appreciate people who are down to earth. We don’t trust city slickers or those who embellish the truth. We’re a practical people. If something makes sense, then it makes sense–no need to complicate things or gussy them up for the sake of making an impression. We like seeing things for what they truly are. 

In Texas, we appreciate the simple things in life, and you won’t catch us spending $1,000 when $100 will do. we appreciate the finer things in life but we’re not about the frills or the adornments. For us, the finer things are often the most simple: a beautiful sunset, a cold beer on a hot day, good BBQ, friends around the campfire, swimming in a lake, dinner with family. 

Texan culture influences this blog heavily: I’ll never tell you a lie, and I’ll always tell you like it is. I’ll tell you the easiest most practical way to travel and the best way to have a good time while doing all of it. If you’re looking for a guide to jetsetting, this ain’t it. This blog is about how to travel in an uncomplicated, down to earth kind of way. This is a true Texan’s guide to travel.

My Story

My parents taught my brother and me how to be travelers from age eight. They integrated us with the locals in Jamaica, made us navigate our way through awkward situations in Costa Rica, and they taught us to appreciate culture and authenticity in Panama. Soon, I found myself striking out on my own, always craving those authentic relationships and cultural awakenings. And then I discovered a new dimension of travel–the power of it all. I began to realize how empowered I felt every time I landed in a new destination. The strength of my character became clearer and clearer with each journey. I believe it is for these somewhat existential reasons that I ended up where I am today–living the nomadic life. In March of 2018, I quit my teaching job and hit the road because  I felt, more than ever, a burning need to “find myself,” especially after tough years at my job and two gut wrenching breakups. 

Put more poetically, I felt, in the very core of my being, that to really discover who I am as a woman, as a family member, as a friend, as a lover, as a contributor to this earth, I had to make this change in my life.  I had to strike out into the wild, beautiful world and leave my very organized, very structured life behind. The life I had created for myself no longer felt like the life I wanted to live, and so now I’m here–traveling the world and taking things one day at a time, which is beautiful and empowering and freeing, and exhilarating all at the same time. The original intention of this blog was to chronicle my travels and my thoughts, but the more I traveled, the more I realized that wasn’t really what I wanted to share. Thus, “Y’all Travel” was born. Learn more about the purpose of this blog by clicking here. But if you like reading about my thoughts and opinions, head over to   my post On the Power of Travel

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Places I've Been

I’ve traveled all around the world and experienced many different countries, cultures, and peoples. These are the places I’ve been since I’ve been old enough to take my own pictures 🙂 


New Zealand